Valerie Hazbun Maria - Mochila Market Founder

Mochila Market showcases colombian handcrafted mochilas, the artisans and the culture built into every piece. Each mochila is 100% handmade and takes 6-8 days to be produced. Each mochila has a story and a talented artisan behind it. Their knowledge of the craft has been passed from generation to generation. Our team is conformed by a group of both men and women from the municipality of Chorrera, talented artisans that through Mochila Market´s initiative are showing their work worldwide. This work impacts the social, cultural and economic issues of the region.

Mochila Market business cycle works the following way: We provide the material to artisans, we design the mochila and create discussion groups to socialize the collection to be developed. The production is made in their community respecting their culture and individual timming, each artisan takes her own time and it must be respected. Fair payment, we believe that a social business begins to make sense when there is a better distribution of profits among the parties of the value chain. These women benefit directly from the income generated by the sales of these handcrafted products to improve their quality of life.

We work with different fibers like coral thread, pique and sheep wool among other materials for the elaboration of mochilas, backpacks, accessories and objects for home decor.

Our team is made up of Colombian talent with an entrepreneurship spirit. We share creative values, the experiences passed though generations and we feel the passion thru our working hands.

We are all committed to promoting sustainable social value and stand out as a company that recognizes the added value of our team, the artisans, the makers.